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Answered Prayers

The following answered prayers were transcribed from a "Focus on the Family" broadcast. A phone number had been setup for the National Day of Prayer for people to call in about prayers that had been answered in their lives. The responses speak for themselves.

Hi, my name is Cathy and I�m calling from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I think some of the most exciting answers to prayer are the ones that our children witness. Once while traveling with my two boys we stopped to stretch our legs and when we came back to our car it wouldn�t start. We were three hours from home and two hours from our destination and we didn�t know a soul where we were. After trying to start the car several more times, I looked over at my oldest son Tim who was five at the time and I said, "We need to pray and ask God to make our car start." After we prayed, I looked at Tim and I said "Well here we go." Would you believe the car started on the very first try. I wish you could have seen the look of surprise and wonder in my sons� face. Because of that object lesson from heaven, he will never forget that God really does hear and answer our prayers. Whether for something very important or as simple as making a car start.

I�m Pamela. I�m calling from Greenville, SC and my ten year old son Robby got a black lab for his tenth birthday. Robby named him Ben. It was his best friend in life. He had him for about ten months and then the following summer, we went for a bike ride and he got hot and stayed under a shade tree and he didn�t come home. And we went looking for him a little bit later and we never saw him since. Tuesday in April of this year 1998, exactly ten months after Ben had been gone, Robby was doing the dishes in the morning and looked out the window and there�s Ben sitting there looking at the window. So, Ben is back now and Robby is just so thrilled. He said he prayed every day. He said the last time he prayed was the night before he came home. For ten months, he never stopped praying.

My name is Brett [a very young girl] and I�m calling from Birmingham, AL. Well, I was having a bad dream and then I woke up on Sunday. And we had this prayer and I went down to the altar and I said a prayer and this was the prayer; Dear God please tell me what the dream means and if it has anything to do with that I did something bad, then please forgive me. And then when we were half way home, Grandma told me what the dream almost meant. She said "maybe it�s because you watched too much movies and I thought back and thought "yes". Then I thought back in my dream and I noticed that I was watching too much movies. God answered my prayer and that was my first miracle in my whole life.

My name is Chuck from Marshville, Wisconsin and for the past five years my wife and I have been missionaries in the mountains of the Philippines along with our four children. In July of 1993 a situation developed where we did not receive the funds that we were expecting to receive from the states and we soon ran out of money. Shortly after that, we began to run out of food. And on a Monday morning in July, the situation was obviously critical and we began to pray and by Tuesday, all we had left was rice and soy sauce which is what we had for lunch and for breakfast and for dinner. By Wednesday we had the same, just rice and soy sauce, except on Wednesday noon we ate the last of food. And about two o'clock that afternoon there came a knock at the door and a young lady from down the road about a quarter mile away came with a large bag filled with food. She was so embarrassed, she thought surely she was making a mistake. She said, "You wouldn�t, by any chance be needing any groceries would you?"

Hi, I�m Sandy Tivits from Worster, Ohio and in the fall of 1994, I was reading Dr. Dobson�s book, "When God doesn�t Make Sense" when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was a single parent with two teenage sons and worked as a registered nurse at a job with no paid sick leave. Christians from many denominations started prayer chains and rallied around us. The surgery lasted 14-1/2 hours with my neuro-surgeon having no partner to assist him. My family was shocked with the news that I might not make it through the night and my dear friend Dianne gathered my small family in her arms in that waiting room and said "We�re going to pray right now." God knew all along that I was to be used as His vessel as He cradled me in His loving arms. He did answer those prayers. I was out of the hospital in eleven days and back to work in three months. He also saw fit to meet all of our financial needs during my recovery. My doctor tells me I�m a miracle; that I�ve been given a second chance in life.

This is Tarren and I�m calling from Cary, NC. My son Joshua is an answer to many prayers from my broken heart. My husband and I had been to fertility experts and years had passed without my becoming pregnant. No words can describe the heart ache I felt as I thought of never having this little person in my life to love and to cherish. I concluded that God must have other plans for my life. I felt sorrow, but I finally let go of my efforts. I turned it completely over to God and without bitterness I said "not my will but yours Father." I prayerfully gave God complete control over our situation and He gave us the desire of our heart. Thank you Father for our baby Joshua.

I want to share an answer to prayer. For many years, my husband was an alcoholic and a drug addict and our marriage had deteriorated and ended in divorce. But I prayed that God would deliver my husband from the sin he was bound to and He would heal our broken home. After three years of divorce, we were remarried last year on April 26. It�s been a good year. It�s been a struggle to put a marriage back together, but with God�s help all things are possible. And I just ask that we would be willing to do His will and that He would be there for us. I want to encourage those with an unsaved spouse to keep praying and believing that God can save them and deliver them from their sin. No mind is ever too far gone that God can�t heal it and no heart ever so broken that He can�t mend it. He�s done it for me and He�ll do it for you. Just keep believing. God does hear prayer. Praise God.

This is Shirley calling from Statesville, NC. A year ago on May the 7th, 1997 our 22 year old daughter Cloretta was killed in a freak car accident when a tractor part bounced off an oncoming vehicle and flew through her windshield killing her instantly. Eight hours later she was found in a wooded area. She loved Jesus and wrote scripture prayers addressed to God in the first person from age 12. Here are a few examples:

2 Tim. 2 "Oh father make me strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus" Make me a prayer warrior. Teach me to pray without ceasing. Oh Lord, I am yours. Use me this day to fulfill your purposes and to honor you in all that I am and do and say.

Then on February 23rd she wrote keep me on my knees Lord Jesus standing in the gap for others that I would see anew your great wonders raught through your wonderess working power.

Many many responses to our little prayer warrior have come in this year and we want to thank our dear Jesus for keeping our 22 year old daughter faithful to the end like she had asked Him to do.

My name is John and I live in Richmond, VA. My story of answered prayer involves my dad who had never accepted Christ even though he was approaching his mid sixties. My sister and I were fortunate enough to be raised by a godly mom and we never stopped praying for dad�s salvation. And my mom never stopped living her witness before the Lord every day. One summer day about six years ago, dad called. His heart had been softened finally and he wanted to put on his Lord and Savior in baptism. To make the moment even more special, dad asked me if I would come home to perform the baptism. My dad died last March, because of his decision to accept Christ�s forgiveness, God soothes our pain of loss with the certainty that our separation is only temporary. One day, at the foot of God�s throne, we will be reunited singing a new song to the one who redeemed us through His blood. God truly does answer prayer.

Hi, my name is Shanah Cunningham. I�m from California. Jesus saved me at 19 in July of 1994 and after that I realized how much bitterness and animosity I had towards my mom�s boyfriend and my dad�s fiancee. I asked their forgiveness for the hatred I had in my heart towards them not knowing why it was even there. After that, I started praying for their salvation. My first answer to prayer was the love Jesus put in my heart for them. I asked Jesus to save my dad and his fiancee before they got married in December. She got saved 1-1/2 months before the wedding and he got saved 5 days before. That was my second answer to prayer. I thank Jesus for always hearing our cry, even if we don�t get the answer right away. Thank you for your faithfulness.

My name is Dana Williams and I�m calling from Benton, Maryland. One of my most special memories of answered prayer occurred five years ago when our first child was just a year and a half old. The Lord has graciously allowed me to stay at home and be with our children, but at the time our budget was rather tight. Because our yard was very small we wanted to have a sandbox for our little girl to play in, but I knew that there was no way we could afford one. So one morning me and my little girl prayed that Jesus would send her a sandbox. Well three days later my husband came home from work and said, "Sweetie, you�ll never guess what�s in the back of my truck. Of course, it was a sandbox. It turned out that his bosses little girl had two sandboxes and he�d offered the extra one to us. But we knew where that sandbox really came from. Jesus had sent it. We now have three children and every time we take them out to play in the sandbox, I�m reminded of the fact that we se

This is Beth from North Augusta, SC. This past January, my family received a call that my father-in-law was very sick and not expected to live through the week. So my husband packed up our car and our two small boys and we hit the road for the sixteen hour trip up north. Before we left, we called several of our friends who set the prayer chains in motion praying not only for my father-in-law but for our safety as well. When we were three hours from our destination, our car hit a patch of ice and we rolled three and a half times into the median completely destroying our car. My husband and our boys all walked out of that accident with barely a scratch. We later found out that the very hour we were crashing was the very hour that every Sunday school class in our church was praying for us. In response to these prayers the Lord not only sparred our lives but that of my father-in-law as well.

Hi, my name is Pam McDonald and last year during spring break my sister gave me a call and I said "Debra, I�m just getting ready to leave out the door and I�m going to have to talk to you later." And she said "Pam, I feel like something is wrong." I said "Nothing is wrong, I just have a slight headache on my right side." But she said "OK, I�m going to let you go." She got off the phone and went to her kids and said "Something is wrong with Pam. I can feel it." So she stopped with her kids. They all sat down and they prayed for us, not knowing what was going to happen. During that same time, we had a drive by shooting. I was sitting in the back seat of our van with our baby next to me in her infant seat and a bullet went directly through my hair above my ear on the right side where I had that small headache. And my sister was praying for me at that very moment. And I thought my hair was on fire but it wasn�t. I think at that moment from her praying, God protected u

This is state senator Gary Drzewiecki from Pulaski, Wisconsin. Last year my wife and I wanted to attend Focus on the Family�s conference of legislators. But we didn�t have the money to make the flight and for the incidental expenses. We decided we would pray about it and see how God would work.

About a week after we began praying, my wife�s dad called us and said "Hey Gary, Julie� Could you use about a thousand dollars? There�s no real reason for me to have it, I�ll write the check myself." God not only provided the money for us to get to that conference, but of course we were blessed when we were there. But God�s also in the recycling business because on the way there, we took a voluntary bump from the airline. My wife and I each got a voucher for $250. On the way back from Colorado Springs, we took another bump. We each got another voucher for $250. Mr. Dobson, now we�re praying that you�ll hold the conference again because we�ve got airline tickets ready to go.

Dear Focus on the Family, thank you for this opportunity to praise the Lord so publicly for the mighty work He has done. It seemed devastating to be told at 19 weeks pregnant that my second baby�s condition would be incompatible with life. According to the doctors, my membranes had ruptured weeks before leaving no water in which the baby could develop. During those dark days when all we could do was wait, people from Seria to Southern California prayed. While others prayed for the baby, the agony of my own heart could only groan for the Lord to manifest His glory. Knowing the details of my son�s condition made me wonder if Christ�s glory would be shown in another way than through a living baby. What a miracle when our son came into the world with a loud cry. Doctors across the city shared news of his birth including those who had offered and suggested abortion. But today at age one, our boy says "DaDa", "MaMa", Walks and plays Peek-a-boo. The gift of the refiners

I am Moline and what I would like to share with you is that God performed a miracle. And that miracle was that he restored my sight after eleven years of almost total blindness. It was like looking through a tunnel with a little dim light at the end of that tunnel. Palm Sunday, I woke up and the Lord had restored my site. And He had restored it so well that I could actually see every minute detail and every vivid color. It was like God was just casting himself on everything that I looked at. And Oh what an awesome God, Oh what an awesome God and a perfect God that He would allow me to have my eyesight at this most beautiful time of year, Spring. And the fact that He chose this special time of the year made it even more special. And I know that He didn�t restore it in order for me to hide it and that�s what I�m doing. I�m sharing it with the world and God bless all of you.

This is Doug and Susan Kess in Jordan, Minnesota. In May of 1996, we learned that the child we were expecting had some physical problem. By July, when the pregnancy was six months along, we learned that our baby boy wasn�t expected to be able to survive birth or live more than a few days. Since we believe all life is a gift from God, we did all we could for him and we had many people from all over the world pray. We prayed that he would be born alive and that we could take him home for a while. We specifically prayed that God would touch others with his life no matter how short or long it was. In four more days from today, Benjamin Andrew Kess would have been 18 months old. This morning, God took him home to heaven. Oh what an answer to pray. Benjamin was and always will be. He was so sweet and touched others in ways we could never describe. God really answered our prayers and gave us the most precious 1-1/2 years of our lives. We love you Benjamin.

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