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I'm Not Sure I'm a Christian

If you simply don't understand salvation, I highly recommend a study on the subject. You might try one of the studies below to be helpful.

Bible Studies on Salvation

If, after reading the above studies, you have decided to become a Christian, please let us know. We would like very much to help disciple you through online bible studies and counselors. Jesus Christ did not ask us to go and make converts but to make disciples (Mathew 28:19). A disciple is someone who has determined to discipline himself/herself to follow Jesus and "to observe all things whatsoever [He has commanded]".

Discipleship is a crucial step and a very exciting one as well. Think about it. The God of all creation coming into your life to begin a personal loving relationship with you. He will give you Spiritual gifts and abilities that will enable you to take your place in strengthening the body of Christ. He will take a personal interest in the every day activities of your life; strengthening and guiding you and answering your prayers.

If, on the other hand, you have more questions about Christianity, go back to our homepage and answer "No" to the question "Am I a Christian". Or email us with your questions. We would be more than happy to supply you with biblical and well reasoned answers to you questions.

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