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You Reject the Supernatural?

Why? Because it goes against the laws of nature? Or perhaps you've never seen a miracle? Or perhaps your concept of a miracle is the kind of thing that you've seen on TV by televangelists. If so, it's no wonder that you are skeptical. Adequate documentation of these so-called "miracles" are few and far between.

However, anyone belonging to a good church will see miracles on a regular basis. Some come in the form of answered prayers and some come by sovereign moves of God in the circumstances of life that cannot be explained away by even the most ardent of skeptic. Here are some examples of answered prayers that I picked up from a Focus on the Family broadcast on May 7, 1998 in celebration of the National Day of Prayer.

Many of those involved with the occult as well, while not Christian, would be quick to validate the existence of the supernatural. While occultic supernatural manifestations are not from God but from demons, they are never the less undeniably beyond the natural. Such manifestations are quite often the catalysts by which dabblers in the occult decide to get out while the gettin's good. A wise decision indeed.

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