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Is The Bible Really True?

There are many reasons that people give for not trusting the scriptures. We will only be able to scratch the surface here, but if we pay close attention to these arguments as a whole, the bible will no doubt become at least a little bit more intriguing to us. And so we ask:

Why don't you believe the bible is true? Here is a list of internet documents that cover this subject in general and may include answers to some of the above objections as well.


After going through the above information, we would like to have you make a decision. We recognize that the information given at this website will not necessarily change the minds of all those who study it. What we are trying to communicate is that Christianity is the only religion in the world that is both historic and evidential.

We're not talking about the type of Christianity represented by the crusades or by snake handlers or by televangelists trying to get your money. The type of Christianity being promoted at this website is simple bible Christianity. It's not an exclusive club that says "only our denomination is going to make it." It is a faith that constantly asks the question "What would Jesus want me to do?"

We simply believe that the bible is true and in as much as possible, to be taken literally. This is not very difficult in truth. A simple reading of the text of the bible will show that the vast majority of scriptures are understood easily and plainly by simply accepting them for what they say.

Pride is something that will only pull us away from God. We must clear our minds of thoughts such as "What will my friends and family say?" and simply ask ourselves "What would Jesus want me to do?"

Decision Time

So we ask you now, what would Jesus want you to do? Please contact us about the decision that you make. Comments and suggestions are welcome and online counselors are available.

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